Shipping Services For Flatbed Transport

Flatbed transport is a popular method of shipping due to its versatility and convenience. Manufacturers, construction companies, homebuilders and farmers all require equipment, materials and machinery to get the job done. Cross Country Transportation Services, LLC. is a marketplace that makes it easy to transport specialized freight by connecting those who need to transport freight via flatbed and other types of open deck trailers with qualified carriers.

Reasons to Choose Flatbed Transport Services

Unlike traditional warehouses, construction sites and farms don’t have loading docks, which makes unloading and loading freight difficult for enclosed trailers like dry vans. Flatbed shipping services make it easy to load and unload freight thanks to its open deck.

This allows forklifts and cranes to access the flatbed freight from the sides of the trailer. Trailers vary in length but most standard flatbed trailers are 48′ or 53′ and capable of transporting freight within that range without requiring permits.

Demand for flatbed services has steadily increased due in large part to rising domestic production, infrastructure upgrades and construction demands. However, the amount of available drivers and flatbed transportation carriers has struggled to keep pace.